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Guilai Family is located in a scenic area of Pengze County, Jiangxi Province, where the great idyllist Tao Yuan-ming (365-427AD) had his short political career as the chief officer in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. At the time of his resignation, Tao composed the best known poetry Returning Home, in which he explicated that the main reason for doing so is to go back to the farmland and never bow for the salary from the court. From his time on, this famous poetry has encouraged the Chinese intellectuals generation after generation to distance themselves from the mundane world and turn to nature. “Guilai” is the Chinese term for return, here it indicates the way of reversing from the urban to the rural, from the sophisticated to the simple, from the artificial to the natural.

The size of Guilai Family is about 0.2 square kilometers, surrounded by tourist resorts such as Lushan Mountain,Shizhong Mountain, Palace of Dragon Cavern Yangzi River and Pouyang Lake. There are tea trees, fruit trees and vegetable allotments in the villa, which provides all visitors with an opportunity to experience the lifestyle of traditional Chinese farmers. By doing some physical work, having healthy vegetarian diet, you will learn how to protect the environment in the meantime. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal place for juveniles in the sense that it helps them to pick up the concept of vegetarianism and to raise their environmental awareness. It also meets the needs of the middle-aged and the senior citizens for leisure and health. In that sense, Guilai Family dedicates itself to fulfill the ancient Chinese idea of Tao Yuan-ming. We sincerely welcome all the organizations of environmental protection from domestic or abroad and the tourists who have interests in adopting vegetarian diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Our ideal is to promote physical work, vegetarianism and health.

Our diet includes grains, vegetables and fruits.

Our aim is to enhance environmental awareness and peace.