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Room Types Tariffs or Fees 
Standard Twin Room  ¥50/per night


Food / Meals  Price
Organic Vegetables  ¥50/day per person

Participation Encouraged: guests who have one or more of skills such as fruit tree cultivation, gardening and carpentry etc, their food and accommodation costs will be reduced or get paid for their labor accordingly. Further discounts can be applied to those who live in the cottages for one month or more. For environmental protection, guests should bring toothbrush, toothpaste, towel etc, independently. In addition, guests who would stay for a long time should bring bedding bag and sheet of your own.

Welcome diabetic patients to Guilai Farm

There are an increasing number of patients who suffer from diabetes, fatty liver, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, most of which being caused by eating too much meat and inappropriate diet. Medical treatments are not enough to solve these problems, and what is in need is a change of diet habits.

Guilai Farm is in Pengze County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province that is a green farm with conditions of vegetarian recuperation. We commit to missions of promoting vegetable food, environmental protection and forestation. We welcome diabetic and other people to our farm for a recovery residence, including people with fatty liver, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, depression, cholelith, Type II diabetes (non-genetic type). Visitors must be able for independent self-help daily lives, and must have the physician's endorsement to a recovery outside hospital. We provide advanced recuperation concepts, diet arrangement of nutrition, and other health care services. Being protected by the fresh air and green environment and participating in some simple labor, patients can get the diseases under control and gradually take a turn for the better.

Requests to patients: 1. Show a doctor’s certificate which allowed the patients to be cured without living in hospital. 2. Bring enough medicines and relative medical things because the farm would not provide them.

The accommodation is finite, patients who are willing to come here for recuperation need to book beforehand so that we can arrange room for you.

Contact person: Zhong Zhiou 
Tel: 13668958500

Email: zhiouzh@163.com