The Summer Program in Guilai Village Calls for Participants

2015-03-29 Guilai 归来山庄 归来山庄


Attracted by TAO Qian’s spiritual heritage on nature and human, Guilai Village aims to promote vegetarianism and farming activities in order to achieve an environmentally friendly way of living and thinking. The registration of the 4th international summer program is now open. Anyone who cares about environment protection and spiritual cultivation is cordially invited.

A Brief Introduction of Guilai Village

Guilai Village is located in Pengze, Jiangxi Province, a picturesque town where TAO Yuanming, the great Chinese poet, was its county leader. The name “Guilai”comes from Tao’s famous work “Ah, homeward bound I go” and indicates the idea that nature is our common home and by approaching nature, the other hidden“home” will be rediscovered, namely, the home of human spirit. Guilai Villageis an official practice base to study Tao’s heritage supported by the local government; and it is headquarter of “Fanghu Society of Poetry”. The village was founded from scratch in 2008 by Prof ZHONG Zhiou of Sun Yat-sen University.

Here you could enjoy our outstanding natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and aplethora of historical attractions. More importantly, you would have the opportunity to experience the traditional farming life in China by growing your own food. Since its foundation, Guilai Village has successfully held three international summer programs. Teachers and students from Sun Yat-sen University, Southeast University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology have left their precious and inspirational footprints.

Where are the fruits and vegetables in supermarkets from? How is our daily food made?And what should we do to thank nature for giving us so much? And how does the Chinese perspective of nature differ from that of the West? If these questions sound interesting to you, or you have been wondering something similar and would like to share your ideas with others, then our Summer Program in Guilai Village is the right place for you.

Guilai Village is a remarkable point to communicate with the heaven, nature and ourselves. Our morality and rationality would be fused into one magnificent reality. The aim of this summer program is to achieve that kind of harmony between human and the heaven, cultivating ourselves by acquiring the skills like observation,discovery, questioning, and cooperation. All of these are conducted in our gardens and farms. “Farming, Vegetarian, and Environment” are three key concepts in our summer program.

What Do We Do in Summer Program?

Farm work is a fantastic opportunity to purify our minds in modern society. Both the rustic natural scenery and the demanding farming activity can help us to have athorough reflection of the meaning of life. With our greatest tribute to Tao, our ultimate goal is to go back to nature, appreciate nature, and learn from nature.

Every participant should also be an active organizer in our summer program and we hope to form a friendly and supportive community to enjoy the following activities:

  • We will read Tao’s poems every morning. Everyone is encouraged to havean intimate connection with various plants in our garden. By careful observation, a deep grasp of Chinese philosophy of nature and environment will be achieved. And we will also hold some workshops for members from various backgrounds to exchange their feelings and ideas.

  • Members will be assigned different farm works such as planting and ploughing. This will help everyone to experience a unique pastoral life without the hustle and bustle of the big cities, which is an essential step to approach our eternal and spiritual home. This will be done under the guidance of local experienced peasants. Members will also be familiarized with at least three kinds of plants every day. It is possible to make your specimen and bring it back home.

  • Besides many fieldworks, we will arrange colorful shows and rural parties. And if you are a versatile musician or dancer who enjoys fields and gardens, why not join us? Besides the colorful activities, we will arrange aspecial “day of silence” when nobody is allowed to speak and communication is only done via writings.

The central idea of all of these is to develop the ability to think and live independently and liberally in a modern society. In order to make sure everymember benefit from our program and engaged in our colorful activities, it is necessary that members meet the following requirements:

  • Attend labour activities during the whole summer program and cook the meals for yourself.

  • Treat the local peasants as teachers and learn how to do farm work from them.

  • Keep a vegan diet and use one barrel of water every day at most.

  • No cellphones during daytime andno more than 30 minutes’ cellphone usein the evening.

  • Be as quiet as possible for meditation and laboring (except for certain group activities).

  • Keep a diary by hand to reflect on your experience.

Time, Location and Other Notes

The summer program will be held from 2015June – 2015 September and each activity lasts for 8 days. Please download the application form and tick all your available time periods. We will updatethe details for each activity in due course.

Our address is

Youdian Street, Hushan Village,Furongdun, Pengze Town,Jiujiang,Jiangxi Province

Transportation Guidance

  • Arrive in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province in the morning by train or plane.

  • In Jiujiang Coach Station, buy a ticket to Furongdun towards Pengze Town. The price is 25 RMB and the journey is about one hour. Sometimes there will be local travel agency waiting there with a boardwritten “Pengze”.

  • Get off in the Ertuan Road in Furongdun and there are buses to Guilai Village. The price is 5 RMB. The journey is about 30 minutes.

  • Guilai Village is 5-minute walking distance from the bus stop on the hill.

Other Notes

  • Please give careful consideration before your application, once attend, you will need to stick to the rules and follow through the whole program.

  • Please arrive at the village one day in advance for registration.

  • No meat, egg or dairy is permitted in Guilai Village since we hold veganism.

  • Please bring your proof of identification (ID) including passport and student card. And for your safety and comfort, please prepare pens, notebooks,long-sleeved clothes and pants (For girls, skirts are not recommended), sportsshoes, sunhats, toilet requisites, water glasses, chopsticks and bowls,slippers, flashlight and mosquito-repellent perfume.

  • Please be prepared physically as well as mentally. The familiarity ofTao’s works and the 24 solar terms of China is strongly advised. Also, it would be more efficient if you have got some specific questions about life and nature for the group discussion.

The travelling insurance is not included in the fees, please take care of yourself. The village will not take any responsibility for accidents, though we are located in a place of high security.

How to Apply?



Interested teachers and parents; university students; senior graduates; everyone who focuses on healthy living.


(All meals included but members have to cookby themselves and the first day is for registration)

Student: 270 RMB for 9 days (30 RMB/day)

Adult: 400 RMB for 9 days (50 RMB/day)

Please download the application form from send the filled form to title of the document should be in the form like “name + school/company”.

The deadline for application is 2015 May 15th.We will review the material and keep you updated. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the same email.

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